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Dauntless Pools – MGK Pool’s Dauntless

Dauntless Pools are the best model we sell here at MGK Pool’s. These pools are all aluminum with a couple of resin components. The Dauntless comes in three wall choices. The Wheat, the Tribal Stone, and this, the Gray Mosaic (My Favorite). All models come with feature strips to match your wall choice. The feature strips can be seen here in the top rails and the uprights.

Dauntless Pools

There is nothing on this pool to rust or rot out. I like to say that if you package this pool with a thick liner and wall foam, this pool will live longer than you. If you have read anything about our pool company, you know this is a rebranded Buster Crabbe Pool.

This pool is a throw back to a time when everything was over engineered. When there was more thought about quality and design, than manufacturing a thing for the lowest buck. Before the term “designed obsolescence” was coined. Meaning designing a thing to last only so long. Ever notice how your TV dies a day after the warranty expires? Thats designed obsolescence.

Dauntless Oval Pool Sizes

The Dauntless oval pool is available in many pool sizes. We do not make every size available on our pool package builder page. Available sizes, and those you can custom order are as follows:

12 x 18 x 52
12 x 21 x 52
12 x 24 x 52
15 x 24 x 52
15 x 30 x 52
18 x 33 x 52
18 x 39 x 52

With so many oval pool sizes available, you are sure to find one that fits your backyard, and budget.  Of course all our Dauntless pools have available deck options.

Dauntless Round Pools

The Dauntless Round models are as follows:

12 x 52
15 x 52
18 x 52
21 x 52
24 x 52
27 x 52
30 x 52

We have small and large pools as you can see. I like to think you can see 30 round pools as you fly over them at 40 thousand feet. They are big!

Dauntless Tribal Stone


Here is a wall sample of our Dauntless with tribal stone pattern. It is one of our more popular walls. Again you can see the matching accent feature strips in the upright and top rails.

If you notice the cap at the top of the upright, you will see the Flying Eagle cap of Buster Crabbe Pools. It wraps the top rail giving it extra support. Of course the extruded aluminum top rail is already super ridged, but the cap just adds to the overall design and strength of this system.

I am proud to call this pool our show piece of all our models. It looks slim and elegant, and is really in a class above the rest.


Dauntless Wheat Pattern


We have the Dauntless in one other pattern we call Wheat. It is a mocha brown pattern with accent feature strips. I don’t have a picture of it handy, but you can see it in our Lamark pool frame here.

It looks really good up against brown decks and houses.


If you have any questions about our Dauntless Pools, or would like to request more information. Please call 1-800-897-8239 or use our contact form.

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