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24 Foot Above Ground Pools & Supplies

24 foot above ground pools are the most popular choice for backyard fun. This size pool offers plenty of room for several swimmers and pool games. We sell many different 24 ft pool models, liners, pool covers, and other supplies. If you are looking for value and quality you have landed on the right page.

This article is dedicated to just 24 foot round above ground pools and supplies. All links will take you to pools, packages, covers, filters, pumps, liners and more, that only fit a 24 foot pools. If for some reason we do not sell what your looking for, we will link out to a competitors page, if we think the price is fair.

24 Foot Above Ground Pools

We sell Buster Crabbe Pools, Aquasports Pools, Wilbar’s Optimum, and Oasis Pools, as well as our own line of pools (MGK Pools). Currently we only sell 52 inch models. Meaning all our pool walls are 52 inches tall. We sell aluminum, steel and resin pools.

24 Foot Round Resin Above Ground Pool Bare-bones Packages

While other pools we sell have some resin components, the two models we identify as resin pools are the MGK Diamond Atlas, and the Lamark Series. These pools both have resin toprails and uprights, resin connector plates. You can order these pools with a steel or aluminum wall.

The Lamark Pool kit with a steel wall is $1975.00. It comes with a liner, skimmer and shipping. Upgrade to an aluminum wall for $200.00

The Diamond Series Atlas with a steel wall is $2125.00. It comes with a liner, skimmer and shipping. Upgrade to an aluminum wall for $200.00

24 Foot Round Aluminum Pools

Our aluminum pool kits offer a choice of three walls. The aluminum upright and top rails come with feature strips that match the wall you choose. Our rolled aluminum walls are the thickest in the pool industry.

We call our aluminum model, the Dauntless. A package including a liner, skimmer and shipping cost just 2350.00

24 Foot Round Semi Inground Pools and Packages

We sell the largest collection of semi inground pools. Many people bury our Aquasport 52 and Optimum pools all the way in the ground. The third model we sell is call the Oasis, however it is limited to being buried 27 inches. All these pools are made of thick slats, or aluminum panels. We do not go in for burying coil/rolled wall pools.

Semi inground pools are great for sloping backyards. Also, if you have an existing deck, its nice to have it at the same height as the pool. Or if you dont want to be on a deck 52 inches in the air, partially burying the pool makes sense.

My Favorite is the Aquasport 52, this kit comes in at $4825.00 It comes with the pool kit, liner, and skimmer delivered to you. I think it is a better pool than the next two, and it will also cost you less.

Second is the Optimum… I dont like this pool for areas with harsh cold winters, we sell this kit for $5184.00 it comes with the pool kit, liner, and skimmer, plus delivery.

Third is the Oasis price @ $5995.00, it also comes with a liner, skimmer, and shipping.

Another cool feature all these pools come with is a bead channel, so you dont have to disassemble the pool to replace the liner (similar to an inground pool). Also each one of these kits has a choice of liner.

I have assembled a premium accessory package with the 24′ Aquasport 52. Check it out here. Total Cost $5816.00

Pool Walls

All the pool models we sell have 1 thing in common, they all have the best walls in the industry. Nobody sells a thicker stronger wall than we do. The pool wall is the most important consideration when choosing a pool.

24 ft Round Pool Liner

above ground pool liner samplesIt is important to know, a good 24 ft above ground pool liner weigh’s close to 100 lbs. Cheaper liners will weigh less. There is so much confusing marketing jargon regarding above ground pool liners.

I know more about them than most people, I know all the manufacturers, and which grade of vinyl they use, etc… And I see advertisements online that are just lies. 1st. There is no manufacture that makes an above ground pool liner thicker than 20 mil, none. 2nd. The word Gauge that is frequently used to describe liner thickness is not a real measurement.

Latham Pools markets some liners that they term HG (heavy gauge), these liners are made of the thickest and best vinyl I know of. Wild claims of 30 gauge, or worse, 30 mil, are purposely deceiving their customers. If they would lie about that, what else would they lie about?

We stock the largest variety of quality liners. You can not buy a cheapo liner from us

Price Range of a Quality Full Print Beaded Liner for a 24′ Round Pool: $225.00 – 350.00

24 Foot Above Ground Filters Pumps and Combos

Sand Filters

The last thing you want to do is under size your filter. You want a filter that can handle 13,600 gallons of water, because that’s about what your dealing with, when buying a 24 round above ground pool.

I am just going to eliminate sand filters as an option right here. Cartridge filters cost very little more than sand, and lets face it, sand just doesn’t do half as good a job as cartridge, or DE filter. Sand filters cost the least, so pool packages with sand filters may look like a better value, but for the few extra bucks, and to prevent you from driving your truck through your pool when you cant keep it clean. We say no to sand.

I went to repair a pool once for a cop that shot holes in his… True story!

Cartridge Filters

When outfitting a 24′ round pool with a cartridge filter, the smallest I would go with is a 100 square foot. While some would say this is a little bit big, you want a little extra filtration, especially if your the one doing the maintenance.

You don’t want dirt getting embedded in the pleats, or dirt to blow by the filter element all together, so I wouldn’t pair this filter with a pump, any larger than 1HP (horse power). You can go with a single or two speed pump, but with cartridge filters less is more. I mention this for all you gear head, big motor lovers, who are thinking, why not go with a 1.5HP pump.

Average Combo Price: $280.00 – $550.00

DE Filters

DE is my favorite filter type. And best in class here is the Pentair PLD 50. You couldn’t go wrong with a Hayward EC50 either. With DE filters you don’t want a 2 speed pump. The low setting is just to low to push the DE against the grids

You could probably get away with the PLD 30 from Pentair, or the EC 40, or 45 from Hayward, but the bigger filters are just so much more efficient.

Average Combo Price: $475.00 – $600.00

24′ Round Pool Covers

One of the best things about an above ground pool, is that you don’t need to spend a thousand dollars for a safety cover. The pool is “above the ground”, so there is a natural barrier to entry, a 52 inch pool wall.

If you want your pool to be as clean when you open it, as it was when you closed it, you will want a solid pool cover. This will block the sun, and eliminate algae growth.

There are three grades of covers for sale: good, better, and best. Obviously the best cost the most, but it is my preferred option. Cheap covers just do not hold up well.

You will want to prevent water from collecting on your pool cover. 24 foot pools are really big, and the cover collects a lot of water during the winter. You can just siphon it off, or buy a pump.


I have provided a couple links, and some information here, I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions, or feel I left out an important item, please tell me in the comments below.

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