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Safety Cover Measuring – Directions To A/B Measure Your Pool

Safety cover measuring is simple, and can save you a lot of money if you can do it yourself. Pool cover manufacturers won’t sell you a cover, but I will, and If you measure the pool, I will submit your measurements for a quote on your behalf, and will sell it to you for several hundred, if not thousands off list price.

How To Measure Your Pool For A Safety Cover

First we remove items from around the pool that would interfere with measuring the pool. This includes floats, ladders, and deck chairs etc… We take note of non removable items within 3 feet of the pool edge for later.

Second we set an “A point” and a “B point”. These points are set back at least 4 feet from the edge of the pool, the distance between the 2 points should also makes up about 3/4 the length of the pool. The first measurement to include is the distance between point A and B (whole number).

Then we number points around the pool using chalk. For rectangle pools, number every corner and some in between points. For kidney shape / free form pools make a point (write a number) every 2 feet, and every one foot in tight corners. For long straight sections, a point every 4-5 feet will suffice. Now measure every number from point A, and then we go around measuring all points from point B. Measuring to the inside edge of the coping, not the pool wall.

When measuring… Always round to the nearest higher whole number. We do not use 1/4″, 1/2″, or 3/4″ measurements. If your short of a whole number, always go to the next higher (example: 5′ 5 1/2″ inches would be 5′ 6″).

Then take 4 cross dimension measurements (example: pool point #1 to point #10 might be the total length of your pool) We always want to include the longest and the widest areas of the pool. So when writing numbers around your pool be strategic… Then add a couple crisscross points too.

Dealing With Non-Removable Objects

safety cover measuring - non removables
Included non-removable handles in a/b plan, along with separate measurement from pool edge, and sent in this picture too.

Any non removable items such as a grab rail, or ladder have to be included in your a/b measuring. Pool coping should be described. Whether its aluminum or concrete, flat or raised, and how wide it is.

Non removable items should also be measured separately from the edge of the pool. Diving boards need to be back at least 18″.


Drawing Your Pool

When submitting your measurements, it helps if you can include a sketch of the shape of your pool. Along with the drawing please include your A—B line, properly indexing which side of the pool it was located on when taking your measurements.

Extra Step For Ordering Replacement Covers

For replacement covers, you have to number all the anchors in the deck, and then measure them from the same A/B points you measured the pool from.

With these measurements manufactures make a cad drawing and compare it to stock covers to see if there are any that will fit. If not, they price out a custom cover.

Some custom covers are cheaper than others. For instance, When we can add an unusual step section to a stock cover, the cost would be the stock cover + $150.00.

Note Pool Deck Type

Some pools do not have three feet of concrete all the way around and will require special anchors. It is always a good idea to included a couple pictures along with measurements.


All pool cover manufacturers measure the exact same way. With replacement covers, many times you will have to install 7-15% new anchors.

If you would like to try and a/b measure your pool. I would get a 100 foot tape measure, a couple spikes, and some chalk. You will also need some lined paper and a pencil. I highly recommend getting a helper to write while you measure.

Submit all measurements, pics and drawings to along with Name, Address, and Phone Number.

For more information on Pool Safety Covers, read our reviews of the most popular Cover Manufacturers.

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