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Solar Breeze Review

Solar Breeze Robotic Skimmer Review

Robotic SkimmerBest Price is Currently on Amazon for $498.00

This solar-powered robotic skimmer has been out for a couple of years now, and I have had a few customers that have had the pleasure of using one. My review of the Solar-Breeze is based on these few customers with a real experience.

If your pool does a poor job of skimming the pool surface, doesn’t remove unwanted bugs and debris well. This robotic skimmer is the perfect solution.

Some older pools were not designed well. Some 20 x 40-foot pools only have one small skimmer. These small skimmer holes are just not capable of cleaning the pool surface efficiently.

While the earlier models of the Solar-Breeze used to get a bit confused, and even stuck in corners, the new model Solar Breeze with its updated programming, now maneuvers seamlessly. It also has a subroutine program that keeps it trolling the sunny side of the pool when its batteries need recharging.

If your not familiar with the Solar-Breeze Robotic Skimmer, it does more than glide across your pool trapping bugs, leaves, pine needles and debris, it also distributes chlorine. It has a compartment for an erosion chlorine puck.Solar Breeze Review

By incorporating a chlorine dispenser into this automatic cleaner, the manufacturers of the Solar-Breeze have kicked this unit up a notch.

It not only filters and cleans the pools surface water, but it also sanitizes it as it goes.


The Solar-Breeze is really in a class by itself with no other products of similar capability. It has surpassed its self by incorporating new programming routines for better navigation and incorporating an erosion feeder. Average cost around the web is $498.00 with Free Shipping.

When looking to purchase a unit, we have found “Mighty Pools Store” (new online pool store with good reviews), keeps the latest models in stock ready for fast shipping. They have them for $518.00 with free shipping. We forgive the slightly higher price, for having FREE SHIPPING and the newest model.

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