18′ Above Ground Pool

18' above ground pool - Aquasport 52

A good quality permanent 18′ above ground pool (18×52) holds about 7,000 gallons of water, and cost any where from $2300.00 to $2900.00. The deepest above ground pool you can buy is 54″ (inches), though the most common depth nowadays is 52″ tall.

18' above ground pool - Aquasport 52

Premium round pools like this are easy to maintain and last 20-30 years. Just imagine floating around in your new pool looking up. It is a built in vacation spot ready to take away all stress and cool you in comfort. Make sure to get a float with a cup holder.

18×52 Installation Cost

Installation and set-up cost of an 18′ above ground pool is $800.00 on average. Then include 150-300 to remove the sod or level the yard, 150-180 for the sand that goes under the pool, 300 for the cost of the water and 200-500 for an electrician to run a service if you don’t have one. Total cost $1700-$2000.

Of course this is a great job to DIY. Maybe not the electricity part, but any handy man can level the ground within a half an inch from side to side and put up one of these pools. I install eighteen foot round pools in about 4 hours and typically do 2 a day. But it is at least a two person job. I work the phones all summer helping my customers with the finer points.

There seems like a lot you need to know to buy an above ground pool, install, maintain and care for it, but it is all really simple. Nobody ever regretted putting in a new pool.

I write a lot about pools including care, maintenance, installation and set up. Here is a link to my most popular articles LINK. Here is a link to all the pool packages I sell LINK complete with prices.

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