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Winter Damage to Above Ground Pools 2018

Winter came early to the Northeast part of the United States and brought some freezing temperatures with it. I will be busy this year repairing and replacing many above-ground pools, and pool liners. Winter damage is done by the ice and snow but not the cause of it, the blame lay elsewhere. Above-ground pools that were winterized correctly and weren't leaking will not be an issue. Some swimming pools will have to get replaced due to buckled and torn p

Pool Filter Above-Ground – Best Above-Ground Filters and Systems

Pool Filter Above-Ground - MGK Pools

This page has everything you need to help you choose the ideal filter or filter system for your above-ground pool. It has a couple of suggestions that are a little outside the box for those looking for something extra. It describes all the best filter packages available for sale by most online above-ground pool stores, and a couple of even better options. Continue reading →

Vacuum For Above Ground Pools – Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

Very few above ground swimming pools have enough decking to perform maintenance tasks like vacuuming. With little or no deck, you may have to get into the pool to vacuum the far side of it or try to reach up over your pool-wall. Getting into the pool means stirring up the dirt you want to remove from the bottom, and holding the vacuum pole over the wall is a shoulder burner to be sure. Unless you have a small pool, I believe it is necessa