2020 Mass Saves Pool Pump Rebate Promotion

Below is a list of Massachusetts towns participating in the 2020 Mass Saves Pool Pump promotion. The list is in numerical order. The promotion offers to pool companies a $500.00 rebate towards the purchase and installation of a qualifying energy efficient pool pump. Pool service companies must install the qualifying energy efficient appliance in a…… Continue reading 2020 Mass Saves Pool Pump Rebate Promotion

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Oxygen Pools System – New Ozone Review

The Oxygen Pools System is the easiest least expensive way to maintain safe, beautiful crystal clear swimming pool water. It is an elegant modern solution to swimming pool water treatment. Like a salt system, an Ultra Violet (UV) system, or even just a chlorine feeder, the Oxygen Pools generator is always working to sanitize and…… Continue reading Oxygen Pools System – New Ozone Review

Best Above Ground Pool Reviews

Who makes the Best Above Ground Pool? Most review articles on the internet are┬áso short sighted. They all have a marketing agenda, trying to sell you only what they offer. I recommend eleven pools below, and I only sell four of them. Fair enough? This page is designed to make you a smarter, more educated…… Continue reading Best Above Ground Pool Reviews

Pool Pump Reviews and Advice

What is the best swimming pool pump? My favorite pool pump used to be the Pentair 342001 Variable Speed SuperFlo and had been for three years running. But, now the Speck E71 for above ground pools and the A91 for inground pools are my NEW TOP PICKS. The Speck E71 is rated the second most…… Continue reading Pool Pump Reviews and Advice

Health Effects Of Chlorine

It is not my intention to scare, or even suggest you stop using chlorine in your swimming pool. But there are health risks that require mitigating. First I talk about some of the health effects and risks, and then I mentioned ways to reduce or even eliminate those concerns. By the end, You will understand…… Continue reading Health Effects Of Chlorine

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