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Admiral’s Walk Swimming Pool – Compare To Gibraltar & Kayak Pools

There are two classes of an above-ground swimming pool, the Admiral’s Walk pool, and everyone else. The only other above ground pools that you could try to compare this to would be either Wilkes / Gibraltar or Kayak. In this article, I will explain why the Admiral’s Walk Pool is the easy, and best choice. […]

Winter Damage to Above Ground Pools 2018

Winter came early to the Northeast part of the United States and brought some freezing temperatures with it. I will be busy this year repairing and replacing many above-ground pools, and pool liners. Winter damage is done by the ice and snow but not the cause of it, the blame lay elsewhere. Above-ground pools that were […]

Lamark Edge Lamark LASA Above Ground Swimming Pool

  If you followed a link to this page, you probably heard that the Lamark pool is the ultimate value in above ground swimming pools. It is, I designed this pool to blow away all competition. The Lamark above ground swimming pool is available with a steel or aluminum pool wall. You can not buy a better […]

Dauntless Pools – MGK Pool’s Dauntless

The Dauntless is the best above-ground pool we sell here at MGK Pools. The Dauntless is all aluminum with a couple of resin components. The rolled / coil aluminum wall is the thickest of any above-ground swimming pool on the market. The Dauntless comes in three wall choices. Wheat, Tribal Stone, and this, the Gray Mosaic. […]

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