How to Clean Green Pool Fast? – Easy Instructions

How to clean a green swimming pool fast? Lots of chlorine, Brush the walls and floor to mix algae with chlorine, WAIT for algae to die and fall out for 14-24 hours while NOT running the pool pump, then vacuum straight to waste as demonstrated in this post, and then begin filtering water with clean […]

Safety Cover Measuring – Directions To A/B Measure Your Pool

Safety cover measuring is simple, and can save you a lot of money if you can do it yourself. Pool cover manufacturers won’t sell you a cover, but I will, and If you measure the pool, I will submit your measurements for a quote on your behalf, and will sell it to you for several […]

Pool Companies – Resources In Massachusetts

#1 MGK Pool Service | (978) 710-8667 | Contact Form  I am making this resource page for people looking for pool companies in Massachusetts. As you can see above, I am promoting my own company first and foremost. But my company does not provide every type of pool service, nor does it serve all of […]

Swimming Pool Inspections For Home Buyers And Sellers

To own a pool or not to own a pool that is the question. When looking to purchase a home some buyers see a swimming pool as a plus, while many see it as a negative. The obvious negatives are operational and maintenance costs, and the positives are a place to cool off and escape […]

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