Safety Cover Installation

This blog post offers; insights, advice, and information to help you with a safety cover installation. You will learn how to position and install a cover, but also get a feel for cost, design, and safety. If your looking for an installation company here in Massachusetts – Please Call (978) 710-8667 Owner, Installer, Blogger, of MGK Pool […]

Pool Removal Services – Recent Above Ground Job

MGK Pool Service offer a variety of pool removal services. Of course we dismantle and haul away all variety of above ground swimming pools, and remove and fill-in inground pools too. Other services include: deck removal, pool base removal, seeded graded loom /topsoil, and sod installation. We also install small patios, and fire pits. Call (978) 710-8667 Recent […]

Pool Equipment Upgrades

Lower your energy bills and improve your quality of life (QOL) with pool equipment upgrades. Some new products offer a return on investment, like a new variable speed pool pump, while others offer you a higher quality of life, like a supplement sanitation system that uses ultraviolet light. I am going over a few new […]

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Michael Kern

Michael Kern Is Now A Certified Pool Operator In Massachusetts For Service Call (978) 710-8667 All commercial pools in Massachusetts must be maintained and operated by a CPO. This is for the health and welfare of swimmers and pool visitors. There are several maintenance items that must be regularly inspected to make sure the pool […]

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