No gimmick, No Joke. If you live in Massachusetts you are probably eligible for this promotion. A free pool pump or at least a $500 instant rebate toward the purchase and installation of a new energy efficient pool pump. Bounce over to my Mass Saves Pool Pump page to see if your town is on the list.

So how is it free? Well, one of the most energy efficient pumps you can buy is a Speck E-71 (above ground pump). It is rate 3rd best overall on the government energy-star website and I can buy them for just $500. If you buy a pool from me you only pay the tax and I give you the pump and install it for free.

If you don’t buy a pool from me I will do a service visit and install the E-71 for $150.00


Speck also makes a great inground pool pump that cost just $500, model number A91. This is plenty of pump for a lot of pools but it is only like 1.2 Horse Power (HP). If you need a little or a lot more power there are a couple options from Pentair or Hayward. These pumps cost more than $500.00 but I pass the whole $500 onto you so I get the service job of installing it.

If it’s time to upgrade your pump from an energy hog, or your old pump is just too noisy, take advantage of this amazing offer and share it with your friends. Noisy pumps take away from the enjoyment of being at the pool.

SHARE THE NEWS and be the hero that saves your buddy $500.00

By MGK Pool Service

30 year veteran in the pool industry. Having had many career path changes over the years. I began in the pool industry, and looks like I will finish my working life in the pool industry.

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