New Heat Pump

There is a new heat pump available for above ground pools that is inexpensive and runs on regular 110V electricity.

White Knite Heat Pump

The White Knite Heat Pump will heat and maintain about 12000 gallons for about $1.50 per day.

Typical gas above ground pool heaters cost roughly 10.00 a day to operate. Add to that the cost of a plumber to run the gas line and you can quickly see the value in paying a couple hundred more for a heat pump rather than the slightly less expensive cost of a gas heater.

The thing that sets the White Knite heat pump above all other above ground heat pumps is the fact it runs on 110V versus the added cost of an electrician to run a 220V service, as most above ground heat pumps use 220V.

Add to the fact this appliance cost the same or less than all other similar units of this size and you see that there really is no better option for heating your pool.

This is an off brand Aquacomfort that has been making heat pumps for over 30 years.

By MGK Pool Service

30 year veteran in the pool industry. Having had many career path changes over the years. I began in the pool industry, and looks like I will finish my working life in the pool industry.

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