Located In San Alfonso Del Mar

This first picture of the worlds largest swimming pool comes from http://www.sanalfonso.cl/ Website

worlds largest pool

Watch the video below to the end to really see the magnitude of this swimming pool

This next image Below was captured with Google Earth, the ocean is in front, and those little things that look like sand castles, are a string of luxury hotels in-between the road and the swimming pool

pool san alfonso del mar

I would like to see Michael Phelps do a few laps in this pool. For all I know this is where he trained for the Olympics.

Pool Games In The Largest Swimming Pool

I don’t expect anyone will be playing that game where you throw things in the deep end and see who can swim down and collect the most coins and rings and such, as this pools deep end is approximately 115 feet deep!
I would imagine playing Marco Polo in a pool that is one thousand yards long is pretty much a way to lose the nerdy kid who is cramping your style, little brother or maybe ditch your parents on an amazing vacation in Chile.

Pool Service

Cleaning the worlds largest swimming pool would be a full time job for my entire company. Hey, I think a working vacation may be in my future. Tell the boys in the company I am bringing them all to Chile for a company vacation. Then hold their return tickets unless they get to work. Whom ever does clean this pool is doing a hell of a job, you can see the bottom of the 115 foot deep end, and the water is crystal clear.

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