Pool Size – Standard Swimming Pool Sizes – Cost & Advice

Most Common Pool Sizes: Looking to install a new inground or above ground swimming pool? In this brief post I list the most popular pool size in each class, and give you and idea of the cost of each when installed. Not included are the cost of landscaping, electrical, and decking, as each pool design and finish …

Dogs Pool – Chlorine Affects – Best Pools for Fido

Safety & Design Information for You & Your Dogs Pool Is your dogs pool safe? Is your pool safe for dogs? These questions and more are answered in this special edition article about pets and swimming pools. If you are designing a new pool with your pet in mind, or already have a pool, you will …

Largest Swimming Pool In The World

Located In San Alfonso Del Mar This first picture of the worlds largest swimming pool comes from http://www.sanalfonso.cl/ Website Watch the video below to the end to really see the magnitude of this swimming pool This next image Below was captured with Google Earth, the ocean is in front, and those little things that look …

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