I am reviewing the best extra large floats available on the market. I am buying and testing these floats, and sharing the information with you so you’ll know where to buy the strongest, top rated: rafts, party islands, and cabana’s for the least amount of money.

Enjoy your own private floating oasis with guests or alone. These giant inflatables are meant only for the biggest swimming pools, or to be enjoyed on lakes, ponds and rivers.

Check out this Giant Inflatable Floating Island. It’s a 6 Person Float.

Floating IslandAvailable on Amazon for as little as $156.78.

The pros and cons for this one are simple.

Pro’s: It is extremely durable and can be used and abused for years. Tons of fun for all ages. Low cost when compared to similar models. Heavy duty @ almost 60lbs.

Con’s: Got nothing

Top Pick Floating Cabana

This next enormous floating cabanaenormous float is definitely a crowd favorite. It is a heavy duty floating cabana with a tethered floating cooler.

It features a swim platform with handles, to help you climb aboard. Float around in the comfort of the shaded roof, or remove the cabana to convert this inflatable into an ultra comfy sun lounger.

There is a whole in the center of this float, making it easy to drop in for a quick swim.

Pro’s: This is one of the strongest inflatables on the market. This unit weighs in just above 60 pounds. It’s convertibility give it extra value, and make it desirable for cool relaxation, or getting your tan on.

Con’s: While it says it fits up to 6 people, we would say it fits up to 3 people comfortably, maybe 4 if you want to put someone on the swim platform. If we’re being picky, accessing the cooler can be a little tough from inside. Would have been better if cooler fit the swim hole.

The least expensive place we found this unit for sale was also on Amazon. While initially some other sites looked cheaper, when you factored in shipping, Amazon won out by a small margin. $141.00 free S/H

Giant Cabana Party Raft

Giant Cabana Party Raft This inflatable raft combines the best of both worlds. A cool place to hang out in the shade, and a big open deck to catch the sun on.

This unit is new this year and not yet available. I can not review this float as I have not used it yet. I would be interested in offering it for a discount, if people were willing to review it. To pre order contact me mike [at] poolservicema.com.

I have not had the opportunity to check out any other units personally. But will keep updating this post as I do. If you have a picture of a giant island float and want your review added to my blog. Hit me up in the comments.

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