Rectangle Above Ground Pool with Deck & Fence

Admirals Walk Pool

Admirals Walk Above Ground Pool

Backyard family fun at its best with the Admirals Walk Pool. The finest rectangle above ground swimming pool you can buy. Ideal for water sports and summer fun!

Complete Packages with Installation starting at only $15,000.00

Pool Liner Options

The pool liner options are quality like the pool and come in three patterns/designs.

Boulder Swirl

Mystri Gold Swirl

Outlook Swirl

The Wall

The pool wall is constructed of 4×52 inch aluminum panels that when interlocked together form a 1-inch column of strength every 4-inches. The longest-lasting pool wall available.

The Deck

The aluminum pool deck comes in just 4 pieces. All deck sections are completely welded at the factory for strength and ridged durability.

The Fence

Attractive maintenance-free design with an outer plastic coating and an aluminum core.


Can I buy the Admirals Walk without the Deck or Fence?

No, the decking is part of the structure of the pool and so is the fence. Adjustments have been made to the fence when building a wooden deck next to the pool.

Can I buy the pool without the carpet?

No, the carpet is required to keep the deck from heating up too much. It comes in Blue, Brown, and Gray. It is the finest outdoor carpet available.

How big is the deck on the Admirals Walk?

The promenade deck is 18 inches. The end deck is 66-inches (5 1/2 feet) long. Combine a second end deck to make it 11 feet long. The width of the end deck is the width of the pool plus 3 feet.

Do the Admirals Walk Pools come with a fold-up step and gate?

Yes, The gate locks (comes with lock), The steps are on a hinge with two sets of handrails, but are recommended to be left in the down position.

Can you put the Admirals Walk in the Ground?

Yes, you can install it as deep as the wall height (52 inches)

How tallis the pool wall?

52 inches tall, but water height closer to 48 inches (4-feet)

Do I have to pay tax

Probably, but we only collect it for Massachusetts

Is the pool available in other colors?

No, but the white is a deep rich white like milk

Can I add a salt System

No, Salt is corrosive to all metal, please contact us to learn about alternatives to Chlorine generators (salt systems)

Can I add a heater?

Yes, you can install one right away or down the road just as easy. HOWEVER, we do not sell them or provide them. Check amazon!

Are these pools in stock?

Yes and No. All components are in the factory, but each is made to order and takes 3-4 weeks