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Oxygen Pools system components
Oxygen Pools Ozone Generator Package

The Oxygen Pools System is the easiest least expensive way to maintain safe, beautiful crystal clear swimming pool water. It is an elegant modern solution to swimming pool water treatment.

Like a salt system, an Ultra Violet (UV) system, or even just a chlorine feeder, the Oxygen Pools generator is always working to sanitize and oxidize algae and organisms.

Before I get into comparing the Oxygen System to other options, a quick word about chlorine.

Chlorine Is Not The Devil… But

The CDC says chlorine is safe in our drinking water up to 4ppm (parts per million). But, there are a lot of studies that show serious health risks associated with using high levels of chlorine and chlorine by-products.

As such, the industry has come up with a lot of ways to reduce the amount of chlorine needed. Mineral systems, UV lights, and ozone lessen the amount of chlorine required to safer use limits.

Oxygen Pools System Alternative To Chlorine

Oxygen Pools has created a better mouse trap, meaning they took ozone technology and improved on it by adding what they call Formula O.

Oxygen Pools - Formula O Bucket

The Oxygen Pools formula is a secret, but we know it contains algae fighting minerals and monopersulfate, also known as “chlorine-free” shock, or even more commonly known as hydrogen peroxide.

By combining ozone, proprietary minerals, hydrogen peroxide, and easy dip test strips they have provided the safest pool water treatment system available.

Bonus – Oxygen Pools System

There is another industry trend that is making the Oxygen Pools system even better. A growing number of people are running energy efficient swimming pool pumps. By slowing the circulation speed, you increase ozone generator intensity.

Oxygen Pools Coupon

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Oxygen Pools Vs. Salt Pool

  • Oxygen Pools System cost much less than salt water pool systems.
  • Salt cells need occasional acid washing
  • Salt is corrosive to metal which your above ground pool wall is made from.
  • Salt systems create chlorine which in high doses leads to health risks
  • Unlike Chlorine, Ozone systems produce no harmful by-products
  • No need to add salt or maintain salinity with ozone.
  • No need to buy or add cyanuric acid to sustain chlorine
  • No need to shock pool to remove chloramines

Cost Analysis – Salt Water Pool Vs. Oxygen Pools System

People with a salt cell still have to buy salt, cyanuric acid, shock, and algaecide which cost about forty dollars a month.

Formula O cost about the same, which provides algae prevention, sanitation, and refreshing natural minerals all in one product.

Ultra Violet (UV) Light Vs. Oxygen Pools system

I do love UV light, and it is a great way to reduce the amount of chlorine needed, but the upfront cost is slightly higher 200-300 more. Also, yearly maintenance costs are higher and more labor intensive. If you ran a UV system 24 hours a day vs. an Oxygen system you would need to replace the bulb every year.

Chlorine Only Approach Vs. Oxygen Pools

The chlorine only approach looks like a hands-down winner from the start as there is no upfront cost like buying the Oxygen Pools Ozone Generator, Formula O, and test strips.

However, when you look closer, you see the cost of buying chlorine erosion tablets (pucks), possibly an erosion feeder to put the pucks in. Though most people through the pucks in their skimmer basket. Plus the cost of algaecide, a full quart at least and then a couple of ounces a week, salt, and finally shock to kill off chloramines.

I think when you play out a three-year cost scenario of the chlorine only approach vs. the one time upfront cost of the Oxygen Pools system, plus the roughly ten dollars a week for the Formula O, The Oxygen Pools wins out.


In the title I called this “new ozone” which may seem a little confusing as ozone has been around since the 1800’s, and in use with pools and spas since the 1900’s.

I call it new ozone because the Oxygen Pools ozone generator is better and more efficient than anything else on the market. Also, new ozone because of the packaging with Formula-O which was designed to enhance and supplement an ozone generator.

Oxygen Pools offers the best-packaged alternative to chlorine on the market. Once your friends and family have experienced the feeling of swimming in an Oxygen Pool with Formula O, you will have them all converting over to this system.

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