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16x32 pool size example

Most Common Pool Sizes:

Looking to install a new inground or above ground swimming pool? In this brief post I list the most popular pool size in each class, and give you and idea of the cost of each when installed. Not included are the cost of landscaping, electrical, and decking, as each pool design and finish is as unique as the backyard and budget of the customer who wants it.

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Above Ground Swimming Pools

These are the most common above ground swimming pools sizes. For excavation and installation always add two feet to the diameter and your new pool will fit well. Not including water and electrical, the installation cost of a 24 round is usually $1000.00, and a 15 x 30 oval around $1800.00

  1. 24 x 52 Round (most popular)
  2. 21 x 52 Round
  3. 15 x 30 x 52 Oval

Inground Swimming Pools

There are three kinds of inground pool. The most popular due to it being the most affordable is vinyl, next is concrete, and slowly gaining ground are fiberglass pools. Average cost of pool kit and installation with excavation of a 16 x 32 rectangle is $17000.00. The average cost of 16 x 32 cement kidney shaped pool with installation is $60,000. 14 x 30 fiberglass pools installed average 30k plus.

Most Common Vinyl Pools Sizes:

Most Common Vinyl Pools Sizes:

Most Common Vinyl Pools Sizes:

  1. 16 x 32 Rectangle (most popular)
  2. 18 x 36 Rectangle
  3. 20 x 40 Rectangle

Most Common Concrete Pools Size:

16 x 32 Kidney Shape

Most Common Fiberglass Pools Size:

12 x 24 Freeform

Source of Pool Size Statistics Above

The above pool sizes and shapes are the most popular, and often found in US Residential Neighborhoods. I have been building, servicing, and performing pool maintenance for over 30 years. From Cape Cod to Southern New Hampshire. I have been selling above ground pools all over the country.

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