Maintain a healthier swimming pool, while reducing your carbon footprint and saving money with energy efficient pool equipment

energy efficient pool equipment

In this article I will introduce you to three new pool products that will lower your energy bills, make your pool easier to maintain, while also making your pool healthier, and a safer place for your family to play and cool off.

 Safety First – Using Ultraviolet (UV) Light

It is estimated that every commercial pool in the United States will require an UV system within five years. It has already been mandated in two states. This is the first item in the above picture (on left).

You do not need as much chlorine with a UV system. It allows you to reduce the total dose to the same level to that of drinking water. If this is all it did, it would be enough, but it also kills chloramines. Chloramines have been linked to asthma and bladder cancer, not to mention it will cause steel to rot out.

When deciding what unit to buy, keep in mind, getting the right unit is based on pump speed, not pool volume. By installing an UV system you will save a little money when you compare the energy used, to the cost of all the chlorine you would normally purchase.

Ultraviolet light is more about quality of life than return on investment. Not to mention it kills all the popular water born illnesses like Cryptosporidium (crypto).

Another way to help prevent crypto is to check diapers every 45 minutes and bring young children on regular bathroom breaks.

Next – Retrofit A Variable Speed Pump

Why buy a whole new pump, when you can retrofit your old pump with this new energy efficient motor. The middle item in the above picture is that of a programmable variable speed motor. A.O. Smith is known as the best manufacturer of pool motors. They were recently bought out by Century Inc., who brings us this motor that will fit existing Hayward and Pentair pool pumps.

By replacing your single speed pool pump motor with this relatively inexpensive variable speed permanent magnet motor, you may pay for the new motor with the energy savings of just the first season.

Last – 100% Solar Powered Skimmer

This item is seen on the far right in the above image. It trolls the pool being powered by the sun, collecting dirt and debris from the pool surface, while filtering surface water and dispensing chlorine.

Once you purchase the “Solar Breeze” (roughly $500.00), you spend nothing else. How would you like to come out to your pool and jump right in, without having to manually skim the surface.

This skimmer / filter / chlorinator will allow you to cut back on how many hours you run your pool filtration equipment, paying for itself within a year or two.

I have demo units I will leave with weekly maintenance clients. I absolutely love this new pool gadget.

Conclusion – Synergy

By running your new variable speed motor at night, you avoid the higher cost of energy consumed during peak usage hours. The UV system will disinfect the water and help to stabilize the PH, allowing you to cut back on costs of chemicals. And the Solar breeze will pick up the slack during the day, filtering your pool for free, while also distributing chlorine and keeping the surface clean.

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