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Small Inground Pools

Whether you have a small backyard, or just don’t want all the cost and work that goes into maintaining a large pool, small inground pools are the smart choice. This article is about the cost, design, and installation of small inground swimming pools. I will also be comparing our fiberglass, and vinyl liner options.

Small Fiberglass Inground Pools

If you live here with us in Massachusetts, or even Southern NH for that matter. The smaller you go the better. Any fiberglass pool over 12 feet wide, will cost 2-3 thousand more just for shipping costs. All these pools are manufactured in the south, and have to be trucked up to us. Any pool over 12 feet wide will require special permits to go through each state, plus wide load follow cars, and even lead cars for some states.

When the pool arrives, it has to be taken off the truck and placed in the hole. Large pools require a crane for this operation, versus smaller pools that can be lifted by the same excavator that dug the hole. Crane rental’s start at $200/hr, and the clock starts as soon as the equipment leaves the yard. The clock does not stop until the crane is back home.

Small Fiberglass PoolsWe have two fiberglass models that fit the build, and can be installed for 21k-23k. They are the Patriot and the Flagship. The price includes the pool, shipping, maintenance equipment, pump and filtration, plumbing equipment as well as installation of the entire package (electrical, decking, and fence are not included).

Our Fiberglass pools are made by Latham Pools. The manufacturer of Brands like: Viking Pools, Trilogy Pools, and Blue Hawaiian Pools. Any color or finish you find for these brands can be yours.

The benefit to you, is that you get a pool made in the exact same factory, by the exact same company, without paying the big brand name price tag.

My sister about lost her mind when she seen the new Diamond Series Finish. You want to talk about sparkle…

Either of these pools would be a jewel for your backyard, without taking over the whole area.


Small Vinyl Inground Pools

While I love fiberglass pools, nothing beats the value of vinyl. I have small rectangle pools with 2 foot radius corners, small ovals, and round pool packages that cost 12k-16k installed. Price includes installation, pool light, chlorinator, maintenance equipment, the best DE filter, high end energy efficient variable speed programmable pump, Vermiculite pool bottom, chemical start up kit, plumbing, and more (electrical, fence and deck are not included).

Pros and Cons of Small Inground Pools


Because of the over all length of small inground pools, your deep end is usually limited, or non-existent. The deep end of our small fiberglass pools top out at 5’7″ (67 inches), while our rectangle pools top out at 6′ (72 inches), and our round and oval pools are a constant 52 inches. If you dove into the deep end of a small pool, there is just not enough distance before coming to a wall. Same could be said for larger pools too.

While some people actually feel shallower pools are safer, some just want that deep hopper with a diving board. (I get it)


Small inground pools enable you to have the best of everything. They require smaller decks, smaller fences, smaller heating systems, smaller pumps and filtration systems, etc… So everything cost less when you choose to go with a smaller pool. Conversely, everything cost more when you go big, so you may have to forgo that high-end deck, pool heater, or fancy laminar lighting, etc… for the sake of the budget. When you want the most bang for your buck, nothing beats small inground pools. All the fun with 25-65% less cost.


I hope this article was helpful, and not too self promotional. We do try to mix being informative, while also putting ourselves out there. If you live in our area and would like to meet for a free consultation, please give us a call (978) 710-8667, or fill out our Small Pool Contact Form. Thx!

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