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Safety Cover Sagging With Snow Load – Droopy Pool Cover

Did you just buy a new swimming pool safety cover this year? Now you're wondering if it should be sagging with a snow load on it. Safety cover sagging is okay, well in most cases. It is not the safety-cover that supports the snow and ice. It is the water underneath your cover that helps it and keeps it from sagging too much. Whoever sold you the cover should have warned you or directed you to read the directions. There are definite directions about win

Inground Pool Covers 2017

There are all types of inground pool covers to choose from. This article is going to focus on pool covers for winterizing inground swimming pools. I will touch briefly on solar pool covers, and automatic pool covers, near the end of this blog post. While I do sell inground pool covers, the purpose of this article is not to sell you a pool cover, rather to give you enough information to help you make an informed choice. I do admit to hoping, that once y