New Pool Light Semi-Inground & Inground Pools

There is a new amazingly bright pool light available that cost half what others are charging. This light fits any swimming pool that is capable of installing a standard inground return nitch. I’m excited to offer it to my semi inground Aquasport 52 customers. CCEI is the manufacturer of this new incredibly bright pool light. […]

Safety Cover Sagging With Snow Load – Droopy Pool Cover

Did you just buy a new swimming pool safety cover this year? Now you’re wondering if it should be sagging with a snow load on it. Safety cover sagging is okay, well in most cases. It is not the safety-cover that supports the snow and ice. It is the water underneath your cover that helps it […]

Inground Swimming Pool Removal Service

Pool Demo Services & Cost… What does it cost to fill in a pool? Filling in an inground swimming pool cost between $3000.00 and $10.000. There are several things to consider that go into the overall cost. This article is dedicated to bringing you up to speed on the cost associated with different pool types. […]

Small Inground Pools – Massachusetts Pool Builder

Whether you have a small backyard, or just don’t want all the cost and work that goes into maintaining a large pool, small inground pools are the smart choice. This article is about the cost, design, and installation of small inground swimming pools. I will also be comparing our fiberglass, and vinyl liner options. Small Fiberglass Inground […]

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