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This page exists to clear up some confusion about our name, to share our history, and share our mission plan going forward. We are changing the way America buys above ground pools. Our model is as such. We sell the pool kit to you, and then use our considerable buying power to sell you all accessory or part at our cost.

First Our Name

People want to know why they never heard of us before. It’s because we always sold pool from other manufacturers. We sold Swim n Play, Doughboy, Wilbar, etc. That is, until we just couldn’t in good conscience, sell the garbage these companies were making. Don’t misunderstand, not all their pools are garbage, but some of their less expensive options are bad. Doughboys higher-end offerings are superior to most rolled wall pools… Swim n Play, and Wilbar both have good models as well.

So we came up with a name (Mighty Pools) and bought the domain name. Next, we partnered with who we consider is the best above ground pool manufacturer on the planet, Aquasport Pools LLC / Buster Crabbe. One of the oldest and most trusted brands.

We chose the models we wanted to sell, and had a couple of good years, until that is, another company Trademarked our name right out from under us. We were operating as MightyPools, Had, and still have the domain name, and yet the trademark office granted another company our name. So instead of a lawsuit, we opted to just go with an abbreviation of our parent companies name, MGK Pool Service. Long live MGK Pools!

Our Plan. and Plan for the Future

We plan to only sell the best above ground pools available on the planet. If for some reason we are no longer able to do that, we just won’t sell any pools at all. Of course, we could sell pools with steel top rails, and other entry-level pools, we could compete on the lowest price and sell garbage. But you won’t find any pools with steel top rails and uprights or any entry-level pools. We just choose not to sell that stuff.

If everyone was honest and said: “here is a pool that you will pay a lot for, and will probably only last a couple of years.” Then I would sell them too. But I won’t be able to sell any of them if I’m the only one being honest, so I don’t sell them.

Instead, we sell and promote resin and aluminum frames with aluminum walls, and only the best steel walls. Only the best of the best. Not only that, but we don’t care how much money other companies are making on a pool sale. We just set a fair price for our swimming pools. I often fear the perception of our above ground pools is not good because they cost less than other pool companies. Price can be perception for a lot of people.

We sell the pool at a fair mark up, build in the cost of doing business and shipping the pool package to you, then sell you everything else at our price or as close as possible to it. We use our considerable buying power to offer you dealer pricing on filters, pumps, ladders, lights, chlorinators, liners, heaters, etc. We are the first to do this; we have a page we call the custom above ground pool builder. There you can customize your pool package, You choose everything… the model, shape, size, wall pattern, liner, and of course all accessories at our cost.

MGK Pools – Pool Models and Brands

We do sell other above ground pool models other than our own. You might see a page on our website where that we sell more great models like the Aquasport 52, considered to be the best above ground pool on the earth.

The pools we branded are called the Lamark, Atlas, and the Dauntless. These are all rolled wall pools. Our Dauntless is all aluminum, save a few components, and is the best-rolled wall pool on the planet. It is, in my opinion, our best pool, and is available in three wall patterns with its white framing. Next up is our Atlas, with it’s thick extruded resin framing, available in three colors choices. The  Atlas pools are round or buttress free oval design. It has eight wall patterns, three aluminum walls, and five steel options. Lastly, and rated the best value is our Lamark, with all the same pool-walls to select from, but it’s framing is only available in white, and it comes in just round models up to 24 feet in diameter.

Now you know more about our company. I hope we can add to the fun and happiness you and your family share for years to come. If you call, it will probably be my wife Vikki, that answers the phone. I am also available to answer calls and talk with you when needed. (978) 710-8667

Models of Above Ground Pools we Sell

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