Chlorine Shortage 2021 – What You Should Do Now

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If your just researching the chlorine shortage of 2021, you’re late to the party. But, I am going to tell you why that’s a good thing. The chlorine shortage is a blessing, and here’s why!

Chlorine is the devil, well probably not the devil, but definitely an out dated solution to water treatment. Chlorine cause skin irritations, dryness, bleaches pool liners, burns pool liners, is linked to Blatter cancer, and host of other issues. Ever take the lid of a bucket of pucks in a small shed, the gas will knock you over.

Why We Use Chlorine

Understand point blank right now the only thing chlorine does is sanitize your pool. It kills virus’s, bacteria, and algae. THATS IT (SANATIZATION). You could say it clears the pool water because it prevents algae from growing. But, it doesn’t make the pool water clear, your filter that keeps the water clear. Chlorine prevents algae and water born illness.

People have used it primarily because it was cheap and simple, plus alternatives like ozone systems were super expensive. The privilege of just those living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Also, mainly because that’s what everyone did, follow the herd.

Simple because you could just throw a couple trichlor tablets into the skimmer and it would keep the water sanitized. Maybe throw a cup or two of calcium hyper-chloride (chlorine powder) or a gallon or two of sodium hyper chloride (liquid chlorine) into the pool once a week and you were set.

Change Is Scary – Chlorine Alternative

I was going to say change is hard, but it isn’t, its just scary. Awareness is the light that eliminates darkness. Here is an alternative to chlorine that is simple and now less expensive than any other alternative. Here’s the kicker, it’s 10X better at killing viruses than chlorine.

Very quietly, and amongst the rush for salt-water systems (A.K.A “Chlorine” generators) and many hot summer days, ozone technology has been getting better and a lot, lot less expensive. An elegant solution to water treatment and pool sanitation that provides a “chlorine-free’ environment has been making its way into the mainstream swimming pool market.

The leader of the way is a company called Oxygen Pools (link to purchase from me). Oxygen is the waste byproduct, if you want to call it that, after ozone comes in contact with germs. Chlorine waste is called chloramines (look it up) and is why we super shock swimming pools, which by the way 99% of home-owners don’t understand, and is why they are always swimming in chloramines, but that is a story for another article.

The thing that makes the Oxygen Pools ozone system so elegant is the use of what they call formula O. Their formula O powder is a mix of minerals (Copper and Nickle) which are well known natural algae fighters, and Monopersulfate (basically like hydrogen peroxide). This makes for the the best feeling safest water you could bathe in.

So this is why I call the chlorine shortage a blessing. It is moving people to become aware of a better and now less expensive system. The initial upfront cost for an above ground pool is just 399.00 then about another $300 for a years supply of formula O.

On the down side, the Oxygen pools ozone generator only lasts about three years before you need to swap it out.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

If you live in Massachusetts I will come to your house (service visit $200) and install a Speck E-71 variable speed pool pump ($700), an Oxygen Pools Ozone Generator ($399), give you a special set of test strips ($15) to check formula O levels, and a 10 lb buck of formula O ($100). Total value of $1414.00 for just $650.00

You get the whole sanitation system, plus free installation for the actual cost of this amazing pump. Did I mention this pump has a built in timer and will cut your electrical bill in half???

While supplies last (wont last long). probably end of this May 2021, and only towns participating in the Mass Saves Electrical Program (most).

By MGK Pool Service

30 year veteran in the pool industry. Having had many career path changes over the years. I began in the pool industry, and looks like I will finish my working life in the pool industry.

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