Chlorine Shortage 2021 – What You Should Do Now

If your just researching the chlorine shortage of 2021, you’re late to the party. But, I am going to tell you why that’s a good thing. The chlorine shortage is a blessing, and here’s why! Chlorine is the devil, well probably not the devil, but definitely an out dated solution to water treatment. Chlorine cause …

New Heat Pump

There is a new heat pump available for above ground pools that is inexpensive and runs on regular 110V electricity. The White Knite Heat Pump will heat and maintain about 12000 gallons for about $1.50 per day. Typical gas above ground pool heaters cost roughly 10.00 a day to operate. Add to that the cost …

What is the best brand for above ground swimming pools?

The best above ground pools are made by Buster Crabbe. DBA (doing business as) Aquasports Pools LLC out of New Brunswick NJ. They are the only pool manufacturer in the country that is still run by the founding family. All other pool companies have sold out or are made by those who have acquired them. …

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