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Buster Crabbe Pool /Aquasport Pools LLC are a family business. Being run now by a second, third, and even fourth generation of seasoned engineers, and family members. These guys take making above ground pools and decks to another level. The sons, all now in their 40’s, maybe 50’s who began working with their dad in the factory when they were real young, have been joined now by their sons, and grandson too.

After touring their factory, I easily understand how they became the #1 manufacturer of above ground pools and decks. Winning design awards for their signature pools “The Admirals Walk” and the “Aquasport 52” They have a passion for what they do, and it shows in every detail.

Buster Crabbe Pools and decks are made in New Jersey USA, by union workers. They buy their steel from an American Steel Company. Most non-family employees working in the factory have been with the company at least 15 years.

Other Buster Crabbe Pools & Decks

Steel pool - Buster CrabbeWhile they’re well known for their Admiral’s Walk, and Aquasport 52 pools, The Buster Crabbe Pool company offers a full line of attractive traditional pools made of quality steel, aluminum, and resin.

They manufacture and sell a line of side-decks, end-decks, fan-decks, and walk around decks that fit like a glove on their pools, this offers a  lower cost alternative to wood decking.

The decks and pools come in a variety of colors, including: Brown, Blue, and Grey. They offer a few elegant wall pattern designs. Coil rolled walls are available in a thick steel and are made of the thickest aluminum. Bead receiver is made of aluminum or plastic. Top rails, uprights and covers are available in steel, aluminum, or resin, or a mix.

Traditional Buster Crabbe Pool Sizes

Round Pools

Oval Pools

12 x 52
12 x 18 x 52
15 x 52
12 x 21 x 52
18 x 52
12 x 24 x 52
21 x 52
15 x 24 x 52
24 x 52
15 x 27 x 52
27 x 52
15 x 30 x 52
30 x 52
18 x 33 x 52
18 x 39 x 52


Traditional above ground pool and deck
15 x 30 x 52 pool w/ end deck and fence

Before moving on to talk about Buster Crabbe’s Flagship swimming pools we should say a few more things about there traditional style pools and accessories.

Buster Crabbe fences are made with a strong aluminum core, unlike the cheap plastic stuff readily available elsewhere. All there standard pool models use the same thick quality wall. They don’t offer a cheaper entry-level pool. They offer the best value in the market selling premium products at a fair price.

TIP*** While they don’t sell cheap entry level pools, they do have less expensive model’s. They have a new 2016 model that is probably the best deal on the planet, the wall of this new model is made of the same grade of steel as their very best model (The Neptune… AKA my Lamark).

Branding of the Buster Crabbe Pool Manufacturer

Buster Crabbe is the only company I know of that does not even have a website. They host one page about their Admiral’s Walk pool, but thats it! They leave it to us dealers to brand there pools.  We have been shipping their pools all over the country and building their brand with online marketing for years.

Buster Crabbe Pool Names

Some dealers use the names given by the factory like: Grande, Neptune, Sandora, Milano. Other dealers like me rename them. I call the Grande the Atlas, The Sandora the Dauntless, and the Neptune the Lamark. I do not sell the Milano, as I do not like to sell pools with steel toprails or uprights for obvious reasons.

Other Models

They do sell a few other models with other toprails and uprights, and known by other names, but all their rolled walls are of the same quality. You can buy their least expensive model, and you still get the best wall money can buy.

The Admirals Walk

Buster Crabbe above ground pools

The difference between this pool and the other traditional Buster Crabbe Pools is the Wall. The wall of the Admiral’s Walk is built on site by connecting 4 inch (4″ x 52″) interlocking aluminum panels. These are the thickest extruded aluminum panels on the market. Once installed, they form the strongest aluminum above ground pool wall on the planet.

It can be installed on-ground, and is capable of being partially buried. The decks are made of aluminum and are carpeted in grey or blue. The fence is made of aluminum. The bead channel for hanging the pool liner is made of aluminum. The security fold up stairs are made of aluminum. Sensing a pattern? This pool is never going to rust.

Admiral’s Walk Pool Sizes (Common)

Though there are more sizes to choose from, the most common sizes are: 12 x 20, 12 x 24, 12 x 32, 16 x 20, 16 x 24 (most popular), and 16 x 32.

Buster Crabbe Aquasport 52

Buster Crabbe Aquasport 52 15 x 30

One of the cool things about the Aquasport 52 is you can completely bury the pool. You can also bury it just a little or not at all. This pool also uses 4 inch extruded aluminum interlocking panels.

It has a standard aluminum bead track so you install regular beaded liners (no special orders). Aluminum top rails for incredible strength. It has a gorgeous gloss white finish for those who are not going to burying the pool.

Keep in mind that they do not offer a fence kit for this pool, nor any deck options. I think this one has always been intended to be buried. You can of course build a deck, or after market decks are available for above ground use.

Burying The Aquasport 52

Aquasport 52 15x30 buryed inground


This pool comes in many sizes and is perfect for burying inground. Dig a hole, build the pool, back-fill it and install a nice deck. This is a low cost alternative to traditional inground pools.

Aquasport with Stegmeier forms

On the left here you can see we installed Stegmeier Forms to the inside edge of this Aquasport. This way we could pour a concrete deck right up to the edge of the pool.

A nice brushed concrete is the least expensive deck option, or for a little bit more you could go with a nice stamped concrete deck or pavers like in the picture above.

We went with a broom finished cement with this installation. See below for more pictures of this job.


More Deck work with Aquasport with StegmeierMore deck exampleLast deck picture





You can see there are a lot of options available to you. This pool does not have to be installed inground though. You can install it on-ground, partially inground, or completely inground. It is recommended to partially bury Larger Aquasport pools.

Sizes Of Aquasport 52 Pools

Round pools that are available include 12 foot, 15 foot, 18 foot, 21 foot, and 24 foot. The 24 is required to be buried at least 24 inches.

Ovals that are available include: 10×15, 10×18, 10×22, 12×18, 12×20, 12 x 21, 12×24, 15×24, 15×27, 15×30, and 17×32. Again the 17×32 is required to be installed at least two feet. The 15×30 should be partially buried minimum of 6 inches.

Click this link to contact us about buying a Buster Crabbe Pool, or if you have a question about a Buster Crabbe Pools.

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